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Illustrative fish collage as header
fish sculpture

Lighting is by far the most effective way to change the look of a room, and what you use can be so much more than basic, functional electrics.

Take a look at the Metal Image artworks shown here. By day our beaten-metal fish are silhouetted Zander above doorstriking sculptures, the patinated texture of their copper bodies richly reflecting the natural light. As evening falls they become magical silhouettes, floating off the surfaces of walls they wash with a soft glow from their installed bulbs. Take a look at our Gallery to get a sense of what we mean.

Each fish is a custom-built one-off, hand-crafted at the Metal Image workshop in south-west France. The bodies are cut from sheet metal and hammered and shaped into an accurately-detailed 3D form. Repeated washes of salt water, copper sulphate and acids plus sprinklings of iron filings coupled with intense bursts of heat - and a few secret ingredients - give the bodies a gleaming finish with a strong suggestion of the living fish. See the short Making Of video for a compressed demonstration of some of the processes involved.

Equally at home in a modern flat or a country spread, a seaside cottage or a minimal townhouse, our sculptures can be mounted singly or built as a shoal. Most are indoors but some have been mounted outside, such as above my own front door here, or on the exterior of The Contented Sole restaurant.

There are all sorts of fish and sea creatures in our collection, from plaice to squid and John Dory to lobster. I also do other metal work. As well as fairly practical items such as pergolas and gazebos, I make sundials and armillary spheres, examples of which you can see here. Of some notional time-telling utility, they are essentially eye-catching sculptures that make a great focal point to any garden.

Please do get in touch with me to discuss what you need for your house or garden.

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