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Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford BD5 0BQ
01274 271114


Established 1956



Thursday 14th December 2017 at 8:30StridDenMiller
Entry: 6 (5 members)

The Strid &
Den Miller Trio

The Strid & Den Miller Trio is a fusion of two popular acts, Strid (Jennie Kiff and Simon Allan) and Den Miller, who appear regularly on the local acoustic music scene. A few years ago, Strid (Jennie and Simon) and Den regularly seemed to sing at the same pubs, open mic nights and folk clubs and got to know each other's set fairly well. Den would put an extra harmony here and there, a bit of keyboard maybe. Then Strid started playing a couple of Den's songs as part of their set now and again. When they discovered they were going to be sharing a double-bill booking, they thought they may as well make an official trio for a good part of it: they’ve been together ever since.

The mix of Simon's virtuoso guitar playing, Den's piano proficiency and three voices in harmony, adds a different dimension to the material, bringing the songs to life more than when they were performing as separate entities. The repertoire consists of Den's songs, and an eclectic mix of tasteful covers, something for everyone.

Topic Historic Photo Gallery
Last year The Topic had its 60th anniversary. Each week during that autumn we posted a different historic photo taken in or relevant to the club during the 60s, 70s, 60s and even 90s, with some historical context. Many photos were by Eddie Saxton and Brian Lawton, and others centred on the 21st and 25th anniversaries. Finally they are on the website
in a single gallery here.

The Topic at 60
The view from 2016, by John Waller. This is not a comprehensive history - instead John has put together a snapshot of the Topic as it is now, telling the story of how those currently responsible for the club's running came to be involved.

Topic 60th Song Lyrics

Club members and attenders were invited to write a song to mark our 60th birthday. Those who did were able to sing them at a special Singers' and Musicians' Night on the 3rd of November 2016. The lyrics of the various songs performed are
now available on the website here.

Topic Club Membership
5 a year from 1st January. That gives you 1 off concert tickets, and you can get more involved with running the club too if you are interested.

Plenty of Topic regulars play and listen at the Castle Hotel in Bradford on Fridays - why not join them? December: Dec 8 Barry Smith; Dec 15 Paula Ryan

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Dec 21

Crickmore: Crewe

Crickmore: Crewe is a four piece band who, each December, perform a programme of Gallery Carols and Christmas Curios.

The line up consists of ex-Wenchall members Emma Crickmore & Virginia Crewe with husbands Pete Crewe (ex Brillig) and David Crickmore (The Durbervilles). The programme of festive songs they perform are drawn from different sources, many familiar, some not so, but all designed to conjure a rustic atmosphere. Their four part seasonal vocals are complemented by a selection of instruments including vintage harmonium, mandolin, guitar, whistle and percussion.

In Wenchall, as well as countless live performance up and down the country, Emma and Virginia put out three albums, did two live sessions for BBC Radio 2 and sang the theme music to a BBC Radio 4 play.


Dec 28

Club closed


4th January Singers & Musicians

11th January Trials of Cato

18th January Tom Kitching & Zoe Mulford

25th January Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter

1st February Singers & Musicians

8th February Ninebarrow

15th February Hayes Sisters

22nd February Steve Turner

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