Everything Ginger – cake, wine, ale, beer and biscuits. I am also ginger-haired...

Books, film, theatre, music, eating out, long bubble baths, ear-rings and scarves, cats, cricket, cake, cheese, smiles and hugs…

WHAT I DO – when I’m not writing or delivering services or any of the above…

I am also a Clerk to School Governors for a number of Bradford schools. I have done some “extra” work and have appeared in Coronation Street – though you’d have to look carefully to spot me. For a short time, I worked as a “Property Viewing Agent” for a local estate agent – just to add to the mix. I work as a polling clerk when required and I love the variety of my various different roles as no two days are the same.


Until recently I was employed by Windhill Advice Centre, as their Team Leader - for a mammoth 26 years. My previous jobs have included work with the Blenheim Project, as a civil servant and with Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

For many years I thought that being an adviser was the only job I could do. In October 2017, I took a leap of faith and I trained as a Celebrant with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants. I haven’t looked back. I took the plunge and waved goodbye to the voluntary sector and advice work and I absolutely love my new role.

Advice Work has provided me with many transferrable skills – an ability to relate to people from all walks of life, listening, being able to sift through information and determine the most relevant details. Being friendly, approachable and offering support in the very particular distress of bereavement.

Bradford Playhouse was my stomping ground for many years and I’ve been involved with many plays “on stage” and backstage in Bradford and at the Edinburgh Fringe. I still love live performances.


My partner, John and I recently had a Civil Partnership - after 30 years! It was very low key and it was beautiful. We shared fabulous words to convey how important our relationship is and it was quite overwhelming. This has made me want to work with couples who want to renew their vows or make promises to each other in established relationships. Celebrating what has been fabulous, acknowledging some difficult times and looking forward to more fantastic days together.


I have completed the Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy with the National Open College Network. Feedback from the NOCN Assessor identified that "the personal tributes were inspirational and creatively written". (June 2018). I also have a Level 3 Certificate in Counselling from Shipley College and a Level 3 Award in Education and Training accredited by the National Open College Network. I am organised and caring and sometimes miss being part of a team.


You need to be very good at time management – whether that is making appointments to meet with families or managing the time slot on the day of the service. It all comes down to numbers. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and record my services once they have been approved. This is so that I know there is enough time but it also helps me feel confident with the content of the script - and the best way to deliver it to make the most of the time available. I don’t take on a heavy workload – I prefer to do a smaller number of services really well. Whatever the type of service - you can be assured that I am going to give you the attention to detail that you deserve.

"Sandra has a knack of knowing the right thing to say. She will always choose the right words whatever the situation demands. She is engaging too and always creates a great rapport with those she is working with"
-·Martin Stubbs