Many people think it must be a really sad and lonely job but I get to meet some great families and I hear about amazing people. Then I get to tell their stories as part of the last chapter of their lives. It’s such an honour to gather together collective memories and turn them into a tribute that captures their loved one’s personality. And, of course, I get to help people through some of their saddest and darkest days. Whether you want a part religious or non-religious service let me help you find the right words to capture the essence of someone who has been special to you.

I know that the delivery of the service can be as crucial as the content. I use my voice to emphasise the most elemental traits when delivering a eulogy and know that silence can create a powerful and beautiful pause.


I could get quite giddy about weddings and the like. I love to learn what makes the couples tick and then find a prop that might encapsulate their passion and build it into the service. If you like beer then we can celebrate with beer, if you like eating out we can combine a sense ceremony and if you prefer something low key I know when to reign myself in. My own, recent celebration was indeed low-key and it showed me the beauty of “less is more”. Whatever your taste – let’s talk and see if we are on the same wave-length. If we are, I can assure you that we can create a memorable ceremony together.

Please be aware that in England and Wales you must be legally married by a Registrar. This can be achieved by having a basic ten minute ceremony in your local Register Office. Only the two of you and a couple of witnesses need to attend. Once the "legal bit" is done you are free to enjoy the ceremony of your dreams.


My partner and I recently had a Civil Partnership which was a quietish affair but very, very lovely. We have been in a relationship for more than 30 years and so we know each other really well. The words we exchanged reflected on how we’d got this far and how we are going to make the most of the years to come. It wasn’t a vow renewal – it was our first legal step, but the content was very similar to a renewal of vows. These ceremonies can be incredibly moving as it represents a lot of reflection on joy and maybe some sadness of the past and combines it with hope for the future. It’s like a staging post for the second half of your lives together. Let me help you develop a service that brings you even closer together.


Well, we all love babies. I am no different. Let me help you celebrate a special day with your little one – giving a name and a blessing is such a beautiful event. We can express all your love and wishes for future years; we can include older siblings; recall family members that have (or had) special traits that you hope will be passed on; make promises; appoint “odd-parents” or somesuch… And basically, have a celebration of all things wonderful.


Our pets are as important in our families as our human relationships. In fact, sometimes, we talk to our animals more than our partners. Giving our animals a suitable final ceremony can play an important part in the grieving process and together we can create something memorable. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your ideas for a special send off for your loved one. It can be as simple as a service in your garden or can be something more elaborate if you chose.

Please contact me to discuss your needs: or telephone 07749780931

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