“I really have to say that Jean's funeral didn't come across as your first. You were professional, confident, your empathy and compassion came across very well, as well as your obvious listening skills as you picked up on lots of detail from the family. ·Good luck with this and believe in yourself, you were amazing xx"
- Carol Storer, December 2017

"First thing I would like to say......what beautiful words, I feel like you’ve really covered everything about Stella. I’ve been crying, smiling and laughing. It’s really beautiful. You're amazing. It has my seal of approval"
- Teresa Kelly

"Sandra has a calm and honest approach to everything… she is well researched, comprehensively prepared and articulate in presentation"
- Brian Pearson MBE

"Thank you so much for making my dad’s funeral more bearable. I don’t know what I would have been like if you hadn’t gone through all the details with us so carefully"
- Amanda Wright

"Thank you for such a fantastic service – dad would have loved it. It was warm and funny, friendly and a bit naughty which is him down to a tee. We cannot thank you enough"
- Alice Costello

"I can’t believe how you can turn an hour and a half of a family chattering away, often over and above each other into such beautiful words. Thank you – you captured mum perfectly"
- Janet McFarlane

"Although we are heartbroken… we thought the service was beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for more care or sensitivity. You did an amazing job, thank you"
- Hannah Compton