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"First thing I would like to say......what beautiful words, I feel like you’ve really covered everything about Stella. I’ve been crying, smiling and laughing. It’s really beautiful. You're amazing. It has my seal of approval". Teresa Kelly (July 2018)

"You've done a fantastic job. It is so lovely. I can’t thank you enough". Mary Dyson (July 2018)

Feedback from National Open College Network Assessor for Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy in the UK identified that "the personal tributes were inspirational and creatively written".

I really have to say that Jean's funeral didn't come across as your first. You were professional, confident, your empathy and compassion came across very well, as well as your obvious listening skills as you picked up on lots of detail from the family.  Good luck with this and believe in yourself, you were amazing xx 
Carol Storer, December 2017

I have known Sandra as a colleague and friend for 15 years, during which time her calm and honest approach to everything has always been at the forefront of her persona. I know through personal experience that she is always well researched, comprehensively prepared and articulate in presentation.This was exampled·by an address she gave, in my presence, to·the Bradford Council·Executive Board, in a pressure situation, at a public·meeting in the Council Chamber last year.
Brian Pearson. MBE

Sandra is one of the most caring, thoughtful and compassionate people you could wish to meet and would help anybody if she could. She also possesses an ability and a determination to get the job done. She is very articulate and skilled at presentations and public speaking and has some background in amateur dramatics which is why speaking in public comes naturally to her.

She recently gave a closing speech at one of the organisations she worked for and was insightful, funny, respectful and reflective all at the same time. Being a Celebrant is the perfect role for Sandra. She is able to put anybody at their ease and will choose the right words for any occasion.
Paul Bland, Senior Council Officer, BMDC

Sandra is very much a people-person and her overriding ambition is to help people, especially the more vulnerable in society; I know I can rely on her to go the extra mile to help people and this makes her most reliable.

Sandra is one of the most meticulous people I have worked with and always seems to have a plan in hand - regardless of the size of the task.

Whether speaking to an individual or to a large group, Sandra has a knack of knowing the right thing to say. She will always choose the right words whatever the situation demands. She is engaging too and always creates a great rapport with those she is working with.
Martin Stubbs, Assistant Director, Revenues and Benefits, BMDC