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Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford BD5 0BQ
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Established 1956



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Topic Newsletter Archive


At Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford BD5 0BQ

Newsletter No 168 - June 2016

Hello all,

Summer at last! Or is it? No matter, plenty going on at Glyde House, whatever the weather. For example:

2nd  June:  Singers and musicians . 8.15 pm start. Free entry

9th June:     Kelly Oliver.
Kelly Oliver lives in North Hertfordshire and comes from a working class family, with no previous connections in the music scene. Listening to Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette and Dolly Parton from a young age gave Kelly a passion for music, and an influential immersion into her paternal grandmother's Irish culture created a musical inspiration for her self penned songs. After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London, working in a local bar for a year and then travelling around Europe, Argentina and Brazil in spring 2013, Kelly decided that on her return she would pursue a career as a singer/songwriter.

Folkwords' Best Album By A Female Artist 2014, Kelly Oliver’s This Land is an exciting, contemporary take on the acoustic folk tradition. It’s a genre Kelly is fast establishing herself in since winning an Emerging Excellence Award from Help Musicians UK in October of last year. Alongside acoustic guitar melodies and notes of Irish storytelling, Kelly includes harmonica, self-taught, which has led to sponsorship from leading brand HOHNER.

This Land, released in October 2014 by Folkstock Records, features legendary fiddle player Dave Swarbrick, as well as BBC Folk Award Nominees Sunjay and Luke Jackson. Kelly has appeared live on BBC regional stations, including BBC London radio in an interview with Gaby Roslin. Her singles 'Diamond Girl', 'Jericho', 'Rio' and 'Same World'  have enjoyed numerous regional BBC and local radio plays, including on BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, Bob Harris’ BBC Radio 2 Sunday show and Chris Hawkins' BBC 6 Music show.  6/5

An emerging voice in British Folk Music  -  Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

A fantastic new talent – Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music

 crystal voice...confident harmonica...intricate guitar  -— Folk Radio UK

16th June:  Paula Ryan
Paula Ryan is a York-based singer songwriter, originally from Tipperary. She has been active on the folk scene in and around York for many years, both as a solo artist and in varying collaborations. She has regularly toured the USA, France and Germany both performing and organising/ running workshops in singing, song writing, percussion and rhythm in those countries as well as in the UK, Ireland and as far away as Tanzania. Her performances are laced with the warmth, wit and passion of her Irish roots.

Paula’s original song “O My Blue Eyed One” has been nominated as Track/Song of the Year 2015 by the prestigious and highly respected FATEA Annual Awards. The awards are nominated by the Fatea team and recognise excellence over 2015. 6/5

Paula is an enthralling entertainer who beguiles audiences with her sheer delight in music making, joy in singing and a lively Celtic wit and humour – Paul Jenkins, Broadcaster, Nemeton TV, Dungarvan, Ireland

Paula is a unique and powerful performer….her songs are sung from the heart…lovely sound and so meaningful  – Colum Sands, BBC Radio Ulster & Highly Respected Northern Irish Songwriter & Member of The Sands Family

23rd June: Jess Morgan
Jess Morgan is a songwriter’s songwriter. Constantly touring, constantly writing, constantly striving to do better, to be better. Inspired by storytelling songwriters like Nancy Griffith, the playfulness of Devon Sproule and upfront British voices like Billy Bragg, expect a tumbler of unfancified roots music – with heart, with passion, with gusto.

Over the past few years Jess has been making a noise in the UK and further afield with a string of albums comprised of acutely observed, beautifully delivered country-folk ballads; song about travel, about people, about history, about love, about whatever the song needs. The songs are intimate, but not in that earnest, quiet way. There’s fire in Jess’ voice, the way it soars between notes like a bird in flight.

 The Bournemouth EP was released to vibrant acclaim in Summer of 2015.The entire first run of CDs, dressed in tactile limited edition packaging, sold out in less than a day – a triumphant follow up to the full-length album Langa Langa which attracted the ears of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, Bob Harris Sunday, BBC 6 Music, Folk Radio UK, R2, Uncut and The Telegraph.   6/5

something truly special  – Folk Radio UK

making waves and turning heads – R2 Magazine

musicianship dovetails well with her clever and understated songwriting  – The Telegraph

inventive and poignant  – R2 Magazine

30th June:  Sam Kelly Duo.
Sam's debut EP - entitled 'Your Way Home' was released in March 2013, which swiftly created a buzz of interest in the folk scene for Sam's music. He followed this up with the release of the widely acclaimed Spokes EP in February 2015. This cemented Sam's place further as one of the most exciting young prospects in the folk scene - landing him a nomination in the Best Singer category at the 2015 Spiral Earth Awards, and grabbing the attention of BBC Radio 2's Folk Show. Touring as a trio with Jamie Francis (banjo) and Evan Carson (percussion), Sam has gained a reputation for an incredibly high class and dynamic live show, and the guys are rapidly becoming firm favourites at venues and festivals in all parts of the country. After a barnstorming performance to a completely rammed Club Tent at Cambridge Folk Festival 2015, the guys were invited to play their first session on Radio 2 live from the festival.

 Not content with resting on his laurels, Sam enlisted the extraordinary talents of new band members Ciaran Algar (fiddle) and Graham Coe (cello) and went straight back into the studio to record his debut album. 'The Lost Boys' came out in November 2015 to a storm of rave reviews, cementing Sam's place as one of the most rapidly rising stars on the UK folk scene, and enticing Radio 2 to invite the guys into the BBC studios as the featured live session guests on the Mark Radcliffe Show - an honour usually only bestowed upon much more established musicians. The album has also been championed by numerous legends of folk broadcasting, including Mike Harding - who played tracks from the album for four weeks in a row on his online radio podcast. Sam is taking the album on tour throughout 2016 with the full album band, aptly named Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys.

Coming from a family largely made up of Norfolk dairy farmers has left Sam with an unmatched experience of singing in front of hurtfully disinterested Friesians, and his meandering musical journey has ranged from reaching the final of ITV's Britain's Got Talent as a teenager, to being selected for the first ever EFDSS Artist Development Scheme. Whether playing to 13 million people on prime-time television, or to 10 people in a tiny pub, Sam's child-like fascination with music shines through, and his passion for discovering and rekindling the sounds of his musical heritage has gained him the respect of peers and audiences worldwide. 6/5

Sam has such a beautiful voice and sings with so much soul. I've seen him perform live a few times and he's amazing  -  Cara Dillon

One of the most interesting voices on the folk scene...He has a fine and powerful voice but with subtle delicacy too...I think this guy is absolutely brilliant -  Mike Harding

A captivating performer, Sam Kelly has one of the best young male voices in British acoustic roots music. Seriously...Check him out!  -  Sean Lakeman 



The Topic experience at Holmfirth Festival of Folk was somewhat mixed: musically it was really great, but there were some organisational hiccups on the part of others (NOT the Topic, for which Sue Gaffney did a magnificent job), such as the venue not being ready for the first concert which involved a last minute switch with all that that entailed, and the fire alarm going off halfway through the evening concert, and no one knowing how to stop it. Thanks to all the musicians who played, all those of you who came to support the club, everyone for their forbearance in  the face of the aforesaid difficulties, and as mentioned, Sue Gaffney for all her hard work to make it happen for the club and her coolness on the day.

The Topic at The Bradford Festival

As previously mentioned, the Topic will once again have its own stage at this year's Bradford Festival which takes place over the weekend 8th-10th July. The Topic stage will be running on the Sunday 10th July, 2 pm to 5 pm when The Phil Cockerham Trio, Gerry Cooper &  Phil Snell, and Paula Ryan will be entertaining the crowds on our behalf. More details in the next newsletter, which will be just before the event.

Don't forget the Topic song project for this year's anniversary - see recent newsletters for details. They are starting to trickle in, hopefully the trickle will become a flood. You can contact anyone at the club if you would like more information.

For performers who may be thinking of approaching the club for a booking, please note that the bookings organiser is, as mentioned above, now Rahel Guzelian, email address :

If you would like to become a member of the Topic Folk Club, it costs just 5.00 per year, running from 1st January. Being a member entitles you to the lower ticket prices shown in this newsletter, as well as the chance to become more involved in the workings of the club if you would like to.

If you’re visiting the club for the first time, be sure to come and say hello, and if anyone has any suggestions for the club, for example if you would like us to try to book a particular artist, we’d like to hear them.

The Topic runs on Thursdays at Glyde House, Glydegate, Little Horton Lane, BD5 0BQ  8.30pm start. (Singers & Musicians nights start at 8.15pm). Like all the clubs in the area, our aim is to provide good quality live entertainment to suit all tastes of those interested in folk music, and we thank you for your continued support.

Floor singers are always welcome, especially in the first half. Please try to get there by 8.15 pm if you’d like a slot – it helps the MC to plan the evening.

To find the Topic on Facebook search for "Topic Fc"

Tony Charnock, Topic Newsletter Editor  
Topic Folk Club 

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