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Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford BD5 0BQ
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Established 1956



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Topic Newsletter Archive


At Glyde House, Glydegate, Bradford BD5 0BQ

Newsletter No 191 May 2018 

Hello all, Happy May Day!

Spring has sprung at last: let's see what delights await us at Glyde House over the month of May:

3rd May : Singers and Musicians. 8.15 pm start. Free entry.

10th May  : Phil Hare

Phil originally came from Wirral and as a teenager in the 1970s, his first musical influences came from the popular music of the day. Playing guitar and bass he was involved with various bands playing around the Liverpool scene at that time; a scene that spawned bands such as OMD and Teardrop Explodes. Phil realised that his real love was acoustic music, mainly influenced by the likes of Roy Harper, John Martyn, Dylan and Joni Mitchell amongst others so was drawn to the (still vibrant) folk scene at that time. Whilst exploring the folk scene, Phil was greatly inspired by hearing the virtuoso guitar playing of Nic Jones, Martin Carthy, Martin Simpson, Bert Jansch and Dick Gaughan, as well as by the traditional music of Ireland and Scotland.  Many years of gigging have resulted in Phil evolving into a perceptive and heartfelt songwriter as well as a 'freestyle', humorous troubadour who puts on a great show. 

Phil’s song-writing often reflects his own social/political views, not in a ‘tub-thumping’ way but in a more thoughtful, often humorous and chorus-based style, reminiscent of his folk roots. On stage Phil is an accomplished performer mixing his virtuosity on the guitar with songs highlighting his rich, husky voice. He is a hugely entertaining performer and uses his humorous stage banter to foster good audience participation. 6/5

17th May: Peter and Barbara Snape

Peter and Barbara Snape have a great love of traditional British folk music especially that of the north of England where they live.All of their traditional songs have been carefully researched from their native north (Lancashire) and likewise with the 'quirky' stuff, a northern resonance prevails as they bring back to life songs from late music hall/early variety hall 78rpms.

Barbara has exactly the right sort of voice for folksong with many years of solid experience and love of singing on her personal CV. Originally from Birkenhead, she was a young observer of the many singers that performed at the Spinners Folk Club in Liverpool during that legendary period of the 'revival'. Inspired and excited, she later became involved in the Liverpool Traditional Club, where, as a teenager she began singing herself, both solo and in various duos and groups.

There is a synergy with Peter and Barbara and a bounce and a lift in what they do. They have a refreshing and individual approach and their performances are varied, interesting and enjoyable.   6/5

24th May : Plumhall

Topic favourites Plumhall (for those who don’t know) are Michelle Plum and Nick B. Hall, a feisty Yorkshire based duo whose award winning self-penned songs are already winning them plaudits from the likes of R2 Magazine (4 stars), Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff), Steve Knightley (Show of Hands) and many more. The pair deliver guitar and harmony driven textures of folk, Americana and pop, and have have been wowing audiences on the live acoustic circuit in the UK. Winners of the Yorkshire Gig Guide Outstanding Songwriters award 2014, Plumhall were recently joined on stage by Bob Dylan's legendary guitarist Larry Campbell for a performance of Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) at the BBC Radio 2 award winning folk club The Black Swan in York.

Michelle Plum is a former member of Chumbawamba, Waking the Witch and The Accidental Tourists, and in her own right has supported Aimee Mann, Capercaillie, Ralph McTell, Nerina Pallot, Texas and Shane MacGowan to name but a few. She also provided guest vocals for Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts' UK spring 2013 tour. More recently, Michelle's other session work has taken her on tour all over Europe.

Nick B Hall has been a member of the Hall Brothers band nearly all his life, and has supported Fairport Convention, Hugh Cornwell, Show of Hands, Kate Rusby, Glenn Tilbrook plus many more.

Plumhall have consistently wowed critics and audiences with their live performances on the UK acoustic circuit, delivering outstanding guitar playing, smart lyric writing and wonderful harmonies which set them above most of their contemporaries (Miles Hunt - The Wonder Stuff).  6/5

31st May: Louise Jordan - No Petticoats Here

Louise Jordan is no stranger to the Topic, having already made a name for herself as an exceptional songwriter performer and musician. No Petticoats Here is her own project which tells the inspirational stories of remarkable women of the First World War through songs and narrative. But this is no dry history lesson, and no dogmatic feminist pronouncement: it is merely a seeking out of the truth, bringing hitherto unknown facts into the public domain: Louise brings the women and their stories to life through anecdotes from the time and her original songs in an emotional and passionate presentation. Each of the stories illustrates the bravery of these women in the face of physical danger and their determination in the face of prejudice.

The research, songwriting, composition and delivery took eighteen months and has taken Louise from Portsmouth to Pervijze and from Ulverston to Ypres by way of many museums, battlefields, private collections, libraries and research centres and she has had the support of the women’s families and leading historians.

Since first touring with No Petticoats Here she has won funding from Arts Council England to develop the project and take it to wider audiences. Her meticulous research and obvious passion for the subject shine through this unique performance: it is without doubt an absolute must see. Reviews, including from the national press, have been full of superlatives.   

Jordan has approached her subject with the diligence of a scholar and the heart of an artist…. it is in responses like this set of songs that our collective cultural memories are kept alive… - R2 Magazine

Visit for further information about the project and how it came into being. 6/5



Guy Killingbeck

Those readers who attend the Topic regularly will have got used to seeing Guy on the Door. He's been fulfilling this crucial function for at least the last five years. But probably no longer. Though he says he will be popping in from time to time over the next few months, he and Steve are re-locating to Pembroke.

Work on the Door is not just selling you your entrance ticket. Sales of Tykes, merchandise, memberships, raffle prizes and takings: all have to be accurately documented, the artists' fee calculated, and any surplus bagged up for the Treasurer. That's a lot to do while the performance is going on as well. The Topic is indebted to his diligence and forbearance in undertaking this largely thankless task for so long.

He will also be long remembered for his esoteric and idiosyncratic contributions to Singers and Musicians sessions. Obscure folk songs in Welsh, Gaelic, French, Breton (?), always with a running translation for those listeners with limited facility in these languages. And often accompanied by Steve on concertina.

We'll miss his contributions in all these areas, and also his formal contribution to Committee deliberations. So thank you, Guy, from all of us. We wish you both well in your new surroundings. And if you find (or even found) a Folk Club in Pembroke, maybe we can set up an exchange visit.



As mentioned in the last newsletter, this is an ongoing project during the next 12 months concerning photographs taken by Brian Lawton which cover much of the history of folk music and folk festivals in West Yorkshire. It’swell worth visiting the website, to which new material is being added on a regular basis.


Having considered the response to the proposal for earlier start/finish times, the committee has decided to implement a starting time for guest nights of 8 pm to finish at 10.30 pm, starting in September 2018.


MEMBERSHIP: If you would like to become a member of the Topic Folk club it still only costs only 5.00 for the year. Membership runs from 1st January and entitles you the lower ticket prices shown in this newsletter  as well as the chance to become more involved in the workings of the club if you would like to. You can join or renew your membership on any club night.

For performers who may be thinking of approaching the club for a booking, please email:

If you’re visiting the club for the first time, be sure to come and say hello, and if anyone has any suggestions for the club, for example if you would like us to try to book a particular artist, we’d like to hear them.

The Topic runs on Thursdays at Glyde House, Glydegate, Little Horton Lane  BD5 0BQ, 8.30 pm start. (Singers & Musicians nights normally start at 8.15 pm). Like all the clubs in the area, our aim is to provide good quality live entertainment to suit all tastes of those interested in folk music, and we thank you for your continued support.

Floor singers are always welcome, especially in the first half, though may be limited when we have a booked support act - please check. Please try to get there by 8.15 pm if you’d like a slot – it helps the MC to plan the evening.

To find the Topic on Facebook search for "Topic Fc".

Tony Charnock

Topic Newsletter Editor 

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